The Compass Courses Scholarship Program is designed to provide an opportunity for professional mariners to earn a scholarship to the Compass Courses training program of their choice. It offers financial aid to professional mariners who want to continue working in the industry and increase their personal skills and licenses. It is designed to be a gap filler between programs that are tailored to youth and their entry to the industry, and the professional development scholarships targeted for those in the transportation field working at more of a management level. The scholarship will be awarded once every two months.

What will be awarded?

Recipients will be awarded the cost of any course that Compass Courses offers. The class will need to be attended August - April or each year. Please note, however, that they must declare the course they are applying for when they submit the application. It is foreseeable that the award could include products and services from other industry entities such as clothing manufacturers, safety product manufacturers, and others.

Who is eligible?

Anyone! Have you always wanted to work on ships, or are you a seasoned mariner moving up through the hawsepipe looking to maintain your credentials? This scholarship is for you!

The winner may be required to do the following:

  • Release the right to use their image and/or voice in the advertising and promotion of the scholarship program and Compass Courses.
  • Create a video journal of the training and experience and talk about what the scholarship means to them as a person and as a mariner.
  • Provide a written testimonial about the program.
  • Release the rights to the original submission entry.

Ready to Apply?