2015 Survival Suit Races

 winnersThe Annual Survival Suit Races for 2015 were held May 9th as part of the Seattle Maritime Festival. This prestigious, exciting and fun event featured 5 teams of four racers. When the start signal is sounded, each team put on their survival suits, jumps into the tropical waters, and swam as fast as they can to a liferaft and climbed aboard.


Congratulations to the big winners at the 2015 Survival Suite races at Lake Union Park!

1st Place went to: Foss; Time – 1:06 16 seconds faster than the winner in 2014!

Pictured above from Left to Right; Henry Palmer, Nevin Garcia, Chris Mack Jr and Jim Peschel



2014 Winners!

team with John Foster Director of the Ballard Maritime Academy

Ballard Maritime Academy 2014 SSR Winners

Handing over the trophy from 2013 winner