Fishing Vessel Drill Instructor

If an emergency situation occurs on your fishing vessel THE best way to respond is with a well-trained crew. To make that happen your crew must be familiar with how to properly respond to various situations, how to use all the needed equipment and how to work as a team. The Fishing Vessel Drill Instructor will provide you with the information, knowledge and experience to effectively train and prepare your crew during required monthly drills.

This course provides the foundation for conducting effective monthly drills onboard as required by 46 CFR 28.270(c). Individuals will be better prepared to effectively handle emergencies onboard, use available equipment effectively, and assist others. Other skills gained in this class will help prevent emergency situations from occurring.

Topics covered are:

* Abandoning ship and the proper use of survival equipment including liferafts, survival suits and personal floatation devices,
* Fighting fires in different locations on board, and the use of fire fighting gear,
* Recovering individuals from the water,
* Minimizing the effect of unintentional flooding,
* Making radio distress calls
* General alarms, specific alarm signals and reporting of inoperable alarms,
* Vessel safety orientations and emergency instructions
* Conducting effective drills

The course was informative, well presented and interesting on subjects that most of us have been trained in before. Learned some new things. Thanks for a great job!

– Jeff W.