BST Refresher

Basic Safety Training Refresher

It's likely been five years since you took BST, and hopefully you haven't had to fight a real fire, abandon ship, or give CPR. This course presents a great opportunity to reexperience critical training and relearn some things you may have forgotten.

Our 3-day, 22-hour STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher is for those mariners who have previously taken the 5-day, 40-hour Basic Safety Training and require its renewal for their credential. (Note: BST can be renewed without this class if a mariner can prove to the USCG that they have 360 days of sea time sailing beyond the boundary line during the last 5 years. (See USCG Policy Letter 12-01.))

  • Basic Firefighting
  • During this class, you spend a day back in a burn box using the gear. This experience can help you reevaluate shipboard plans for fighting fires, and you'll return to your ship with new ideas for running drills. The training is conducted at the Washington State Fire Training Academy by firefighters with years of maritime experience. This facility provides excellent hands-on training using realistic wood fires (Class A) and liquid fires (Class B) in a controlled environment.

  • Personal Survival
  • We’ll say it again: This is possibly the most critical training module of Basic Safety Training. Refamiliarize yourself with survival equipment and reexamine the practical aspects of the equipment on your vessel. Your familiarity with this equipment will help you train your crew and ensure they are prepared to survive at sea. The practical part of the course is conducted in the comfort and safety of a swimming pool, allowing you to focus on the equipment instead of the cold water.

  • First Aid & CPR
  • This course is taught by an experienced medical care provider. It covers basic first aid and CPR using an AED and emphasizes techniques and methods used while at sea. By successfully completing this course, you will be able to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency.

  • PSSR
  • We will review MARPOL, confined spaces, job safety, and elements of shipboard life.

What to bring

You need to have some basic items to be prepared for this course. For firefighting, we recommend levis/sweatpants and a t-shirt to wear under the bunker gear. Synthetic clothing, tank tops, and shorts are not recommended. A change of clothes is also recommended. A tight seal on the face mask is a must and a requirement for participation. Bring a sack lunch and water. In the pool, you will need to wear long swim shorts (no speedos or bikinis) and a t-shirt. Bring a towel too!

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